Pyrgos village

Villages of Santorini

‘This is edited/ enhanced version of my original article that was published in Travel Secrets magazine, January 2015 print edition’ “You will not find Greek locals in Santorini. That island is run only by expats and tourists,” a fellow traveller tells me from behind a cloud of cigar smoke and with an air of indifference. Those were not […]

Kumaon in monsoon The Spunky Traveler

Kumaon in Monsoon

Monsoon is natures way to saturate its colours. The tree trunks are darker, leaves are shinier, and earth softer for smaller forms of life to tread on. I have recently come back from a week long sojourn after experiencing Kumaon in monsoon, and with this thought in mind. “Some journeys are better expressed through poetry” I […]

Tunes of the tribes

Tunes of the Tribes

While many of us can easily classify sounds of western musical instruments that are available in stores, can we also identify the sounds of our tribal musical instruments? Such instruments are not found in any store. There are hundreds of such instruments used by communities all across India, and they are made by the artist […]