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Hiking at the Mighty Meteora

‘This is edited/ enhanced version of my original article that was published in National Geographic Traveller magazine, November 2015 print edition’ Wood smoke and the nutty aroma of fresh bread fill the streets of Kastraki village in central Greece. From inside the white painted house I can hear cheerful conversations in lilting Greek, and the sound […]

Cycling in Amsterdam

Responsible Travel – Cycling in European cities

Cycling to and from work is a very affordable and healthy travel option, however it isn’t available to everyone. Some professionals have to commute hours every day to get to their offices and the option just isn’t attainable. New Delhi, the city from where I come has to still come up with dedicated cycle tracks […]

Farm tourism in Punjab

Farm tourism in Punjab

Punjab is the land of farms, food and warriors. And it is not a hype. Every time I go to Punjab, I feel that elevated level of energy in the atmosphere. Apart from being warriors, people of Punjab are known to convert even the most barren and useless pieces of land into fertile farms. And now […]