Pyrgos village

Villages of Santorini

‘This is edited/ enhanced version of my original article that was published in Travel Secrets magazine, January 2015 print edition’ “You will not find Greek locals in Santorini. That island is run only by expats and tourists,” a fellow traveller tells me from behind a cloud of cigar smoke and with an air of indifference. Those were not […]

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Hiking at the Mighty Meteora

‘This is edited/ enhanced version of my original article that was published in National Geographic Traveller magazine, November 2015 print edition’ Wood smoke and the nutty aroma of fresh bread fill the streets of Kastraki village in central Greece. From inside the white painted house I can hear cheerful conversations in lilting Greek, and the sound […]

Hydra Greece

Photo Esssay – The Quieter Side of Greece

Leaving behind the intriguing city life of Athens with late night parties, booze, kisses and frivolous conversations, I walked into the quieter side of Greece. I walked, I sailed, I drove, and I trekked. With a camera in my hand and tips from my local friends scribbled on a notebook, I walked into whichever street […]

TBEX Greece

Takeaways from TBEX Greece

Last year, with a heavy heart, I had to cancel the visit to TBEX Dublin. Rupee had suddenly gone down in value and I had to make a choice. Going to TBEX was still a dream that lingered everyday in my mind until I made it to Greece. I wouldn’t rant only about how amazing […]