Street life in Pushkar

Street Life in Pushkar

I have always wanted to visit places that are unheard of. Therefore, I have not visited the most well known places in India. This winter I had two reasons to go to Pushkar. To start visiting the well known touristy places, and to escape the choking smog of Delhi. In the end, I stayed for […]

The magic of Rural Rajasthan

A weekend in Bundi, Rajasthan has left me craving for more of this colorful yet barren land. The charm of Rajasthan has mesmerized me since childhood. I plan a hasty trip not quite knowing what I am going to do in a quite little village named Salawas, 20 km outside Jodhpur and known for its […]

Bundi – A rustic Legacy

As I am beginning to travel more, I believe that some places are destined for me to visit. I don’t find them. Rather, they find me. It is 1 AM. Delhi roads are deserted sans few night crawlers that never sleep. The pores of my skin are buzzing. I am excited to be driving off […]