I am a Housewife and a Mountaineer

Surrounded by the dim light of an oil lamp, I am sitting in a kitchen looking at how ‘Roti’ (Indian bread) are made on firewood. The lady dressed in an Indian sari is telling me stories of how the people in Munsiari, a remote village of Kumaon have taken up community based tourism for sustainable […]

Celebrating Holi in Kumaon

Sitting in the small balcony of my homestay, perched on a plateau, I sip the early morning tea. Raindrops from last night are still dripping from the leaves. In the valley below, the farmers are tilling their step farms of rice and potatoes using cows. As the cows move, the bells around their neck ring […]

India: Landour’s Infectious Solitude

Being an Indian, I don’t see anything great about this country. I fail to understand why people from foreign lands are crazy about India. All I see is the same old madness on streets, half finished cities, erratic crowd, roads with potholes and loud noise everywhere. Yet, while walking on the streets of Landour, I […]